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Johnson County median income rises

Posted by: Dana Monson  | Tuesday, January 3, 2017

JOHNSON COUNTY,IN.- The U.S. Census Bureau released the median income numbers for 2015, the most recent available, and Johnson County has increased by over 16%. The 2014 median household income for the county was $58,833 and for 2015 it is at 68,256. The county has seen an increase in companies with higher average wages, as well as higher skilled jobs. 

This growth can be attributed to the increase in advanced manufacturing jobs, both with new companies to the county as well as expansions in current companies. The IEDC has announced higher wage numbers for new jobs for 2015 and 2016 than in previous years. The IEDC numbers can be found at 

JCDC will continue to support the attraction of new businesses into the county as well as working with our current base to assist with expansions. These efforts will continue to drive the growth of the economy for Johnson County.