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Business Advantage

  • Business Climate

    Business Climate

    Johnson County is very proud of our pro-business climate. Since 2006, more than 52 companies have relocated to Johnson County while an additional 50 companies chose to remain in the county and expand their business.

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  • Demographics


    The same combination of factors that draw companies to Johnson County are the same reasons why individuals choose to call it home. We are well-educated, have a great work ethic and share strong Midwestern values.

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  • Infrastructure


    Getting what you need and where you want to go are critical in today's fast-paced business world. We have excellent transportation systems, lots of power and water and the latest communication technology systems.

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  • Location


    We are located 18 miles from downtown Indianapolis and 22 miles from the Indianapolis International Airport. A distribution company can ship to Louisville in 90 minutes or Chicago in three hours.

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  • Regional Profile

    Regional Profile

    Johnson County is part of the Central Indiana region that includes Indianapolis, the nation’s 13th largest city. We are part of a metropolitan area that is a vibrant place for living, visiting and doing business.

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  • Workforce Development

    Workforce Development

    The people who support your facility are key factors to your success. Johnson County not only has access to a large recruitment area, but we have lots resources to help you gain, maintain and excel your team.

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