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County to Launch Work Ready Community Initiative

Posted by:  | July 1, 2018

Johnson County, Indiana will be launching an ACT® Work Ready Community program, the Johnson County Development Corporation has announced.

The national certification program provides a community-based framework that:

  • Links workforce development to education;
  • Aligns with the economic development needs of communities, regions and states;
  • And matches individuals to jobs based on skill levels.

By participating in the ACT® Work Ready Communities initiative, counties identify skill gaps and quantify the skill level of their workforce. This helps educators build career pathways aligned to the needs of business and industry. It also helps a community stand out and be recognized for its workforce development efforts. 

"A strong workforce is a tremendous economic development advantage. This certification program will enable us to take our workforce initiatives to the next level," said Dana Monson, interim executive director of JCDC.

Once initiated, the county will create programs centered on ACT® WorkKeys® NCRC® -- a portable, industry-recognized credential that clearly identifies an individual’s WorkKeys® skills in workplace documents, applied math and graphic literacy. These are skills required for 77 percent of jobs based on ACT® JobPro database.

By participating in the ACT® Work Ready Communities initiative, counties, regions and states are helping:

  • Business and industry know exactly what foundational skills they need for a productive workforce -- and to easily communicate their needs.
  • Individuals understand what skills are required by employers - and how to prepare themselves for success.
  • Policy makers consistently measure the skills gap in a timely manner at the national, state and local levels.
  • Educators close the skills gap, via tools integrated into career pathways with stackable industry-recognized credentials.
  • Economic developers use an on-demand reporting tool to market the quality of their workforce.

Counties engage in ACT® Work Ready Communities through successful completion of the ACT® Work Ready Communities Boot Camp. Monson and Gayle Brooks from Central Nine Career Center will be completing the Boot Camp in August.

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