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Connect With Customers, Suppliers

Many distribution and logistical companies have found Johnson County to be the perfect fit for their facilities. Johnson County has great access to all parts of the country by being located in the center of the "Crossroads of America".

Johnson County has Interstate 65 that runs north and south with many businesses and industrial parks located on this major artery. State Road 37 on the west side will become part of the Interstate 69 extension project.

Louisville & Indiana Railroad also runs through the Eastern side of the county with many of our companies having spurs to this railroad.

In addition, Johnson County is 19 miles from the Indianapolis International Airport, 92 miles from Louisville via I-65, 97 miles from Cincinnati and 200 miles from Chicago.

Some of the logistics companies that call Johnson County home include:

  • Arbonne International
  • Aldi Inc.
  • Celadon Logistics
  • Direct Shot Distributing
  • Interstate Warehousing

Johnson County Benefit Factors

Workforce - Johnson County draws from a large and diverse workforce.

Logistics Infrastructure - The central location and strong infrastructure investments make travel efficient and simple.

Location - Ideal location in the center of the Midwest.

Incentives Climate - The communities in Johnson County strive to make their incentives business relevant for all types of industries.

New I-65 Interchange at Worthsville Road

Our latest corridor asset is a new interchange along Interstate 65 between Greenwood and Whiteland. It is the first of its kind in Central Indiana.

Benefits include:

  • Safer
  • Less Impact
  • Pedestrian Mobility
  • “Diverging Diamond” Interchange